Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan details how the local community wants the town to develop in the coming years.

It was created during 2017 and launched on 29 March 2018.

Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Action Plan

The Community Action Plan provides a set of ideas for how the community would like to see the town move forward. It was created using the information gathered from studies over the period 2007 - 2017 all of which had very similar recommendations - recommendations that have not been acted upon until now.

Now in 2018, the creation of the Community Action Plan and formation of the BRDT has created a route to take the town forward.

We would love for you to help us deliver the plan for the community because no-one else will do it for us.

Here is a pdf copy of the Blairgowrie & Rattray Community Action Plan to download.

Community Action Plan Projects

The plan is divided into 7 different categories - select the relevant one below to filter the projects underneath:

Red title means we have no lead as yet and the project isn't started.

Blue title means we have a lead and the project is underway.

  • all
  • Public Places
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Events
  • Community/Recreational Facilities
  • Town Prosperity
  • Work with Neighbouring Communities
  • Development Opportunities
  • Anchor Event

    Establish 'It's BRAW' as an anchor event in the town, build other events around it, look to widen the festival range, developing other themed festivals and events.

    Lead: TBC

  • Balance facilities to people

    Engage with PKC planners in scenario planning for the wider town to redress the balance between many houses and people and few facilities to match

    Lead: TBC

  • Bigger Attractions

    Generate greater attractions and extend use of town into the evening

    Lead: TBC

  • Derelict/Vacant Buildings

    Arrange a vacant, derelict and underused premises survey to identify options for asset rationalisation and shared services solutions

    Lead: TBC

  • East Perthshire Community Partnership

    Develop a close liaison with other settlements in East Perthshire to seek to establish an East Perthshire Community partnership to promote the area

    Lead: TBC

  • Economic Strategy

    Engage with PKC and others to develop an economic strategy to encourage business to locate in the town.

    Lead: BARBA

  • Heritage Centre/Museum

    Establish an information centre/Town hub where a range of activities can take place

    Lead: Museum Group

  • History of River & Town

    Tell the story of the history of the river and town

    Lead: TBC

  • Indoor Play Faciliteis

    Establish indoor play facilities for children with adult relaxation space

    Lead: TBC

  • Information Centre

    Establish an information centre/Town hub where a range of activities can take place

    Lead: BEPTA

  • Local History Timeline

    Develop a local history timeline

    Lead: BRCC

  • Outdoor Activities Centre

    Become the recognised centre for all outdoor, sporting and leisure activities within the area

    Lead: TBC

  • Police Station

    Explore potential uses of the police station building

    Lead: BRDT

  • Pooling Resources

    Consider pooling of resources and shared use of facilities for youth groups in the area

    Lead: BRCC, SCYD

  • Promote as a place to visit

    Better co-ordinate and broadcast the activities, festivals and offerings, year round, to promote the town as a place to visit and become engaged with

    Lead: TBC

  • Riverside

    Develop and promote the Riverside.

    Lead: Brian Smith

  • Themed Day/Weekend

    Produce a themed 'What to do in Blairgowrie and Rattray in a day or weekend'

    Lead: TBC

  • Town Theme

    Create a town theme/brand for signage, attractions, famous people and things to do

    Lead: TBC

  • Transport Strategy

    Develop a transport strategy for the town

    Lead: BRCC

  • Wider Events Calendar

    Seek to work with other towns in Strathmore/East Perthshire to build a single calendar of events and join forces on issues of common interest

    Lead: TBC

  • Wider Links & Communications

    Seek better links and communication with Coupar Angus, Alyth, Meigle & The Glens

    Lead: TBC